No of vacancy : 21

Interview Time : 11am to 3 pm, Mon to Fri

Job Locations: Allocated area of Bengaluru city ( More than 82 location )

As Business Development Manager (BDM)you shall involve in Sales & Marketing of our application in all possible and trained ways within Bangalore City’s allocated areas to you .Its B2B Marketing , not sales of application but enrolling of new business & Services like Educational Institution , Medical organization ,Training center , Manufacturing & Service ,Distributor & Dealer ,Retail and Service business etc. You shall utilize all types of Marketing skills including the Digital Marketing and Direct Marketing to achieve maximum sales. Your marketing includes the educating ,providing the required information and enrolling them into our application.

In training session we will educate you with all possible ways of modern and alternative marketing to achieve best result and to growth in your career .We shall do this in both theory and practice session.

In Joining our team, you shall share our commitment to providing the best knowledge to our Clients, for this to be achieved , your ideas, suggestions and initiative are encouraged as we strive to improve the ways we work and how we present ourselves to the community at large.

Salary Structure
We have put together a competitive salary structure to ensure you are rewarded for your efforts & Success. Your Monthly Salary will be paid to your Salary account in our allocated bank. Probation Period of 15 days clearing employees shall be paid the salary as below described.

Salary / Cost to Company
Annual Salary : INR 1,80,000 - INR 4,50,000

Contact HR : Mr .Abilash at 8431276874